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Doc Martin has an episode about such effects in a man that expected the opposite. You can shrink balls by using steroids or synthetic testosterone. Look on those body building guys displaying their body, just wearing tiny swimwear. It looks like both their penis and testicles shrank.

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I have read that by decreasing the of testosterone production the breasts will increase more rapidly and along with this the testicles will shrik in size. To avoid having any kind of surgery I am seeking a method that will shrink my testicles and help decrease the production of testosterone.

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There is no low risk way achieve what you seek other than HRT. Adding to heat to the testicles will only reduce your sperm count, it wont cause shrinkage.. There are various herbal compounds that claim to do it, none are worth the health risk.

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large testicles cannot be reduced in size by any means other than hormonal therapy or surgical. The scrotum can be reduced in size by different means, depending on the origin of the enlargement. The scrotum can be reduced in size by different means, depending on the origin of the enlargement.

What is Testicular Atrophy? (with pictures)

Hormone imbalances can cause the testicles to shrink. Steroid may also be to blame. When a man takes steroids, which are basically chemical compounds designed to intensify muscle growth and strength, he is putting an outside source of testosterone into his body.

High Estrogen Levels in Men and Shrunken Testicles

When you take in exogenous testosterone from an outside source (via injections, gels, patches or creams) your testicles will shrink in size, soften and change in shape. This happens because once the testosterone comes in from an outside source, your testicles don’t have to make the hormone anymore. Just like an unused muscle, they begin to atrophy.

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Safe way to shrink penis without surgery. TESTOSTERINE.

I am sorry there are no such methods which can shrink your penis. Medicines will affect your erection and can lead to impotence. Unfortunately, I do not see a way out in your case.